Healthy lifestyle in Melbourne

Melbourne has rapidly gained a reputation as one of the world’s finest cities, and is a place with a friendly and yet exciting atmosphere. It comes across as a young and vibrant place, one where you can find plenty to see and enjoy, and is famed for its great restaurants for a healthy breakfast and fine shopping areas. It’s also a place where there is a definite move towards healthy living, which is something that was noticed by local lady Zara D’Cotta. Zara was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was not yet 30, and that revelation inspired her search for healthy living and to improve her wellbeing.

Zara discovered that Melbourne was rife with places where you could eat healthily, keep fit and enjoy life to the full, and she founded Oh My Goodness to share this information with fellow residents of the city and also for visitors. The result is an informative and invigorating website that covers everything from where to find breakfast, lunch and dinner – as well as drinks – to fitness centres and other attractions, as well as suggestions on where to go when you feel the need to take a break from the city.

A section on people who have made waves in and around Melbourne is a welcome one, and includes some truly inspirational stories, while the site also contains news of developments in and around Melbourne in the wellbeing and healthy eating arena, plus much more besides. This useful and easy to follow guide to living healthily in Melbourne is one that can be used on a daily basis or simply every now and then, and provides a wealth of information that cannot be overlooked. If you live or work in the city or are planning to visit, Oh My Goodness is a site that you really should take a look at.